iKECIN Smart thermostat

Intelligent control, real-time regulation of temperature equilibrium at home

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Real-time temperature,
make home more comfortable

Thermostat for home temperature real-time data monitoring

and ensure that the indoor temperature within a preset range

7:00 am


8:30 am


2:30 pm


4:30 pm


8:30 pm


11:30 pm


My home, anywhere and keep me company

Thermostat interaction of APP and smartphones end, in time to house temperature feedback to the user, he can give people a day trip to give a reasonable opinion, when you left home discovered the warm forgot to turn off, you can also through remote shutdown, at room temperature is too high or too low can automatically adjust the temperature, and then the day before your hard work at home, you can advance to the indoor temperature was adjusted to a comfortable state, and then be able to go home after give you a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Intelligent heart, hand control

Live View | Remote Management | Smart Thermostat | Time Switch

You can manage your warm (air conditioning) anytime, anywhere through mobile phones. Wherever you are, whether at home or office, it can bring you intelligent and efficient experience.

A cartridge installed WiFi Key Configuration

Thermostat with standard cassette 86 installed, avoid the trouble of re-wiring, a key support wifi LAN configuration save time and worry

Security policy effective protection

Thermostat efficient use of fire-retardant materials, enclosure protection class IP20, this thermostat also has a low temperature protection mode, power-down memory function, the effective protection habits and safe use of equipment, information intelligently user habits, enabling customers to enjoy better experience