Smart safe power manager

Remote control by your cellphone or Pad

Home use

Control your electric products by phone or pad APP

Commercial use

Control the electric products, which was set in company, factory, school, or any other pace by network management platform.

Power counting

Pinch pennies,every bill spent in electricity is visible

The App will show all of the current voltage ,electricity and power clearly of each electric product in your cellphone or Pad .

International standard socket /Safety Jack strip

4*5 holes newest international socket with safety jack strip design.

To prevent electric shock from Children, safety jack strip can’t be opened under 75N dynamics.

Kids unable to put their finger or any metal items into the socket.

Digital product Good partner


Max 5.1A loading

Allow to charge 2 cellphones & 2 pad in the same time

USB Max charging current: 5.1A

Safety threshold

Make sure the safety when varies of high-power appliances worked simultaneously

Setting the power upper limit & power consumption by APP, APP will warning if the power

exceed than the setting data, meanwhile, electricity will be cut automatically.

App warning/auto switch off protection

Child Mode

Auto Power-Off Protection

if no any electric product was used more than 5 minus

Big gap between the holes for plug more electric products

The unit can be used for computers,tablet computer,cellphone and lamp for charging or directly using at the same time.44mm gaps between the holes avoid the old design in the market which can not plug fully.

Exquisite and small size smart and easy to carry

The surface size almost same as a piece of iPhone6 plus.easy to carry and save space in your home.

Timer setting to avoid overcharging

Smart Charging setting

To avoid overcharging

Preset charge,the user able to set the preset time to start charge according to your habit Low power monitoring, start to charge automatically when the battery lower than your setting data Fully charged before you wake up ( alarm goes off )

Reservation charge/Charging protection

PC alloy material

pressure-tolerant,strong, Anti-cracking

With the higher quality PC alloy material instead of traditional ABS material, Good stability.strong flame-retardant, impact resistance,Anti-cracking, long working life without any hidden dangers

High quality power line ensure the safety

Available for high-power appliance

Power cord can be extended by 19.5%, reliable pure copper wire.

Power cord is not easy to aging, have longer working life

Best Material used,New level safety

Phosphor bronze inside for loading the electricity.UL94-V0 Flame-Retardant and ROSH standard for protection body

Phosphor bronze is much better than brass in conduction, wear resistance, distortion antioxidant,empty solder and heating.In the workmanship,we used safer unibody and not breakpoint technology to make all of phosphor bronze to a single unit.

Overload protection Single safety door Best phosphor bronze 750℃ flame resistance plastic

Hided switch ,safe and beautiful

First time to design and hide the switch in the back

Avoid the children to turn on the unit easily.

Lock the unit ,children can not switch on

Humanized and considerate design,Anti-skidding

4pcs anti-skidding latex mats to hold the body fixed


Power input:85-250V ,50/60HZ

Max electricity loading:10A

Max Power loading:2200W

Wifi:802.11 g/g/n

4* 5holes 10A ternational jack

4*USD Max 5.1A total electric loading

Good appearance

More safe

More interesting

More protection