A smart key  Super Energy Saving

Appointment time

Intimate Life Little Helper


Enjoy breakfast love to get up every day after!

Every day after work to enjoy a comfortable warm home!

Energy saving and environmental protection  Money worry


10A power for charging electric vehicles, charging a long time to set the timing,
Prevent overcharge, safe power to extend battery life and prevent accidents.

remote control  Life blossoms


The power is turned on in advance so that the bathroom water heater through the power and set the ohmic heating time,
when you can wash at home on comfortable hot bath, wash away the day's work when tired from work.

Overload  Safety Warning


The product automatically cut off the power when fully charged, to prevent overload / over / over charge, increase the service life of the product

When plugged into the electrical load exceeds a set value, the socket will power down automatically

Ensure electrical safety, play a role in early warning

Light extravagant doctrine


It appears to a better quality of life, more secure

It appears to make life more entertaining, more fun

It appears to make your life more layer of security

Craftsmanship  Triple protection


Shell is made of flame-retardant materials 750 ℃ high temperature, the internal use wave soldering process.

Socket when using high power electrical temperature sensor to monitor the internal temperature of the real-time and user feedback, played the role of high temperature warning when the temperature is too high,

smart socket will automatically cut off the power supply to reduce the danger.

  • High temperature warning
  • Independent security door
  • 750 ℃ flame retardant