W1WIFI Smart socket

Phone remote control, so that the traditional home appliances becomes intelligent

Temperature Sensor | Independent security door | 750 flame retardant

No matter how far, in the warmth between palms

Phone remote control switch, let the appliance becomes intelligent

As long as the mobile phone access to the Internet, no matter where, you can remotely control home appliances from anywhere. Just a home in the traditional old appliance plug socket with our smart phone client, it can be turned into an ordinary electrical smart appliances, such as when ready to come home from work, the remote phone ready to open the rice cooker in advance, open porch lights, turn on the air purifier, or even open the water heater. Work hard when you open the door, and instantly be ready early warm melt.

Intelligent switch, rational use of time management appliances

Energy saving timer switch feature that allows ordinary home appliances more convenient to use, at the same time extend the life of make them smart and convenient.

For example, a rice cooker set the timer switch, when before you get up every morning, half an hour earlier open automatically, you can get up to eat after a good wash in hot porridge.

  • light
  • Rice cookers
  • TV
  • computer
  • refrigerator
  • washing machine
  • air conditioning

Simple one-button switch reset

In the bottom of the socket is designed with a physical switch button when the phone is not on,

you can reset switches and sockets operate through the physical buttons.

Statistical power, overload protection, real-time monitoring of electrical safety

Real-time monitoring of the electrical power consumption and electricity load

In real time through the mobile phone side of home electrical power to monitor the loads, a power threshold set in advance, when the electrical exceeds the preset value, the electricity socket will automatically protect the life and well protected appliances electrical safety, such as the former winter home from work, you can open the home electric heating in advance and give him the power to set a threshold, when the heating reaches the set threshold, the smart socket will automatically be power protection played namely save electricity and electrical protection and electrical safety role.

Small stature Smart Xpress

Socket size


Hide breathing lights High-grade appearance

The top of the socket is hidden breathing light, simple and generous

Also played the role of good tips in the night

It appears to a better quality of life, more secure

It appears to make life more entertaining, more fun

It appears to make your life more layer of security

Craftsmanship Triple protection

Shell is made of flame-retardant materials 750 ℃ high temperature, the internal use wave soldering process.

Socket when using high power electrical temperature sensor to monitor the internal temperature of the real-time and user feedback, played the role of high temperature warning when the temperature is too high, smart socket will automatically cut off the power supply to reduce the danger.
  • High temperature warning
  • Independent security door
  • 750 ℃ flame retardant